You may have any type of body but maintaining that body is our eternal work. Food is the main reason for most human-related issues like  Hunger, Malnutrition, and obesity. Diet has always been an important aspect of human life. Diseases like Diabetes, hypertension, Excess cholesterol, or heart diseases are directly linked to the food and drinks we consume.  A proper diet plan can be referred has to maintain the type and the quantity and also the quality of food we are intaking. So here are some tips on how to prepare a personalized diet plan and following it.

# Creating your own diet plan


Here are some ways to prepare your own diet plan,

  • Identify your body type and design your plan accordingly, If you have more endomorph type of body restrict yourself with the rule to completely follow the diet in any condition Focus mainly on green vegetables and avoiding intake of meat products like Beef, Pork which stores the high amount of fats in the body rather Chicken breast is suggested. Trying to limit your sweet intake increases your carbohydrate level and this carbohydrate will be converted or stored as fat.
  • If you have an Ectomorph body type try to gain a healthy weight by muscle mass and not by fat storage. Include fruits, Vegetables, Meat, Seafood, and whole-grain products in your diet. Avoid unhealthy intake of fried or fast food.
  • Always include Exercise, Meditation, and Yoga in your plan. To increase its effectiveness.
  • Consume 3+ liters of water daily to enhance your work plan.
  • Meet a dietician or medical practitioner to get your personal plan and calories of food that has to be consumed. Because it varies from person to person according to individuals weight, height, and body metabolism.
  • If you are planning to implement a day in the week to undergo complete fasting go for it but always remember a thing after fasting you should still follow your diet menu. Rather than following a “Fast and Feast” Process.


# Motivating yourself to follow the plan


  • We can create our own diet plan but the problem arises when we feel start to lose the will or fail to self-motivate after following the plan for a certain period. So here are some ways that help you to continue your ideal plan.
  • Listening to strong music:- Music or songs have become a part of our lives. sometimes even music decides or mood. Listening to more Optimistic and joyful music helps to keep us motivated
  • Give yourself a gift:- Fix a goal in your mind and start to follow for example, if you have decided to skip the rope 100 times in a particular amount of time. And if you have achieved it reward yourself with maybe a small chocolate bar or a small cup of ice cream. This strategy can also be used while studying.
  • One of the main reasons you lack motivation is losing the target. Write down the amount of weight you want to gain or lose and calculate the calories you are losing each day. Aim high enough that requires you to work harder.
  • Make many friends that possess the same goal as you. Following a plan by yourself makes a huge difference from being with a person who also follows the same diet and exercise structure.
  • You don’t have to cheat with yourself here be true with the purpose of being healthy, happy, and fit. Keep unhealthy food and snacks outside your house or reach from where can’t get back to it.

# Basic Things To Avoid During Following A Diet Plan


  • Diet is referred to the quantity and quality of food you are intaking. Not trying to skip your meal. You may consume less quantity of food but Skipping your meals will never be an option.
  • Follow your diet ideas thoroughly rather than following them for quite a time and letting them go after some amount of time.
  • The Number of calories you consume doesn’t count but the amount of intake of healthy calories matters. So the food consumed should be more nutritious.
  • Cutting the Alcohol Consumption. Not only Alcohol damages your internal organs like kidneys and liver. It can lead to damage to your metabolism and affect fat and carbohydrate storage.
  • Alcohol consumption may also result in the brain disorders and one of the common forms is an inability to remember recent events.
  • Overeating:- Don’t eat or consume food if you are not hungry you may delay it for some minutes but never skip it. But Consuming your Breakfast at the proper time is a must thing with no excuses.
  • Avoid regular intake of junk or fast fried food. Switch it to healthy oatmeal or a bowl of salads.
  • Avoid being awake for too long at night. Your body will require rest to re-enhance its energy and carry out the next day’s tasks efficiently. At least have about 6-8 hours of sleep per day.


Food has always been a great factor in everyone’s lives. But “Excess leads to destruction” so we should always follow strict rules to ensure our own progress. Most importantly always chew your food properly so that it can be digested properly. But always remember a thing you want your body to be healthy and fit and not a host for diseases and illnesses. You eat to live and not the vice versa case. Everything you struggle for will eventually reach you in one or the other form. Always remember five nutritional characteristics; Adequacy, Balance, Calorie control, Moderation, and variety. And always try to avoid developing yourself into a health freak. And Be happy with what you have and what you can achieve not the one which changes the person you were.





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