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Every instructor will tell you that they would love to help students achieve their goals every time they walk into a class. This is something we all know, but it may be an exception. We try to make sure that our understudies grow fully by creating the perfect exercise. It may seem like we’ve finally completed what … Read more

Marketing trends

The concept of marketing was born after 1950, and the way of thinking and trends in marketing at that time were completely different from the present. Philip Kotler, who is said to be the father of modern marketing, explains these changes in thinking and trends in the following four eras. Marketing 1.0 “Product-centric” Price competition … Read more


Throughout your marriage, you’ll send several bouquets, pay many movie tickets, and give your wife a countless number of gift cards that will make her feel special. Thus, when you want to prove how special she is to you. The same old gifts won’t work out correctly. Try luxury gifts for her this time. Whether you are … Read more