What is the recommended way to make money for office workers?

More and more people are starting side jobs when they want to increase their monthly income a little more. There are also side jobs that you can easily do at home, so I think many people are interested in side jobs.

In this article, I will explain the current situation regarding side jobs, points to note when doing side jobs, and recommended methods when you need money.

  • Current situation regarding side businesses

Until now, it was common for US companies to prohibit employees from doing side jobs in their work regulations. However, flexible working styles were encouraged as part of the government’s work style reforms, and in January 2018, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare completed the “Guidelines for Promoting Side Jobs and Side Jobs.” In the “Model Work Regulations” created by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, the wording “Do not engage in work of other companies without permission”, which is a matter to be observed by workers, has been deleted in the 2018 revision, and provisions for side jobs and side jobs Was newly established.

  • How much can you earn from a side job?

How much you can actually earn from a side job depends on the type of job and how serious you are.

For example, a questionnaire monitor that only answers questionnaires on the Internet in the spare time costs about several hundred yen to several thousand yen a month. On the other hand, in the case of creative crowdsourcing, which creates websites, edits videos, and programs at the request, there are many cases where one reward is hundreds of thousands of yen.

Also, if you run an affiliate site or an online shop, some people earn more than 1 million yen a month.

However, there is basically no risk and there is no easy way to make a lot of money. It usually takes some preparation, time, and effort to earn a lot of income.

  • A typical side business that can be started easily

Next, I would like to introduce a side job that does not require any special qualifications and can be started relatively easily. We have divided it into those that you can do at home and those that you can work from home, so please refer to it when you are looking for a side job according to your lifestyle.

Side business that can be done at home

  • Questionnaire monitor

Questionnaire monitor is a job where you can get rewards by answering various questionnaires conducted by companies. You don’t need any special skills, and you can easily do it in the gap time, but the reward unit price is not high.

  • Crowdsourcing

Crowdsourcing is a work style that entrusts business via the Internet. There are various types of work that can be outsourced, such as data entry, document creation, website creation, writing, system development, and video editing. The required skills and the unit price of compensation per case will differ from case to case.

  • Affiliate

Affiliates advertise products and services on blogs, etc., and receive rewards only for the purchase of products via clicks or advertisements. Since it is a performance reward, your income depends on how much you can achieve.

Side business outside home

  • Delivery service delivery partner A

Delivery service delivery partner is the job of receiving goods at a restaurant and delivering them to the order. It is a business consignment contract rather than a part-time job, and in many cases the compensation is a complete commission system. It can be said that the merit is that you can work at your own convenience.

  • General part-time job

Part- time work at a restaurant or a general store is also one of the typical side businesses outside the company. The advantage is stable work and income, but the degree of freedom in schedule is not very high.

  • Precautions when doing a side job

Side business is one way to make money, but if you don’t start thinking about it, you may regret that it shouldn’t have been like this … The following three points should be noted in particular.

Some companies prohibit it

Although more and more companies are accepting side jobs, not all companies are accepting side jobs. If your employer is prohibited from doing a side job but you are doing a side job, you may be penalized for violating work rules.

It’s not easy to make a lot of money.

It takes a certain amount of effort, time, and skills to earn a lot of income, which is the same for both side businesses and main business. You can’t easily make money without risk.

It takes time to earn income

In any side business, you rarely get paid the day you work. Sometimes you want to raise money right away, such as “I really need money in a few days”, but I can’t make it in time.

  • If you need money right away, a card loan is recommended

If you need money right away and you can’t make it in time to wait for income from your side business, you have to think of ways to raise money other than making money from your side business. In such a case, the recommended method is to use a card loan to borrow money.

Features of card loans

A card loan is a personal loan service provided by banks, credit card companies, credit card companies, and consumer lenders.

When you apply for a service to a company that offers a card loan, it will be screened and the result will determine the loan limit. If you pass the examination, you can immediately borrow money at an ATM at a bank or convenience store using a special loan card issued. There are also card less card loans, in which case you will need to borrow by wire transfer.

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