Five Things You Can Do When Life Feels Overwhelming

Sometimes in life, we got overwhelmed because of several things such as a close deadline with a lot of work to do, owning a lot of debt with little source of income, a lot of assignments to do in a short time. At the moment we are overwhelmed, we feel like life is too much for us to handle. You don’t have to get stuck with the situation. In this post, we have suggested what to do when you feel overwhelmed. Below are the best tips on how to self cure anxiety

  1. Accept The Anxious Feelings

Does fighting overwhelm solve anxiety or ease them? No, because fighting overwhelmingly does not cure it, but boosts it. What does when you are feeling overwhelmed is to accept that you are anxious. Deibler states, “Whenever you are witness unfamiliar, and imminent stressor, it is not abnormal to be anxious.” When feeling overwhelmed, the best way to relieve yourself is to ponder on why you are feeling anxious, and ask yourself some questions like why do I get worried? what freaks me off? Why am I sick? What is wrong?.

After you might have examined yourself, pinpoint what makes you overwhelmed. Admit that it is not bad, or good to be anxious. Also, you should know that a lot of people have experienced what you are going through. Then, try to calm yourself down with some words like “all is well” or “I am fine.”

  1. Change Your Approach To Your Day

Your daily task might seem too much for you, that you might be overwhelmed. How to not be overwhelmed with your task is to change your approach to your day. Set up your to-do list for the day. In which you will break down the complex job into many and straightforward tasks. After, you might have broken down the complex task into several simple steps, arrange the tasks from the most important to the least important. Start your day doing the most critical job, and set a milestone for each post.

A good time management skill is one of the best ways of overcoming overwhelmingly. Plan your time well on your tasks. If you try this, you won’t have to be overwhelmed with huge responsibilities and assignments.

  1. Take An Emotional Time Out

One of the best things to do when I feel overwhelmed is that I take a time out. I leave the place where I am feeling overwhelmed to a calm place, or hang out with friends. I take my time out to monitor my breathing. You have to stay off all forms of distraction; don’t think of any grade at the moment. Set up local dating on a platform that connects people.

After you might have gotten yourself back to the best state, You can think of essential things to do. Your mind would have been calmed, and your stress would have gone. Think of how to do your tasks, and how to achieve them. When setting your tasks, do not forget to set a deadline for each job. Also, start with the most critical tasks to the least important ones.


Meditation will assist you to come back to your true senses. You will stay focused on the essential things of your life when you medicate. It is the simplest way to manage stress, and anxiety, Whenever you want to meditate, go to a quiet place around your house, and think, and focus on your goals and ways of accomplishing them.

While meditating, you will feel focused on the moment, and you will worry less about your past and future. Also, you will realize what the root cause of anxiety is and how to do away with them. Finally, you will be able to think of deriving maximum productivity out of your time and strategies ways of living a happy life.

  1. Write Stuff Down

Now that you have known that overwhelming is a natural scenario. Write down whatever is your mind. You can write what you are going to do at the moment, think of things to do that will make you feel much better, write a poem and many more. No matter how bad things are at the moment, try and document your life.

Whenever you feel overwhelmed, take a deep breath while your eyes are closed. Then take a nap of an hour. Then go to a quiet place with a cup of tea and a piece of writing tools. Think of something to write. You might be anxious because of your work responsibilities. Think about it and come up with the best strategy on how to tackle it. Think of what will make you happy and stay motivated. Finally, you should look forward to good things, and stay positive.


Overwhelming is not a bad or excellent condition; it is reasonable to be overwhelmed whenever you are stressed with a lot of things. Whenever you are overwhelmed, accept that you are overwhelmed, change your approach to your day, take an emotional time out, meditate, and write stuff that makes you feel anxious. Follow our suggested tips on what to do when you feel overwhelmed to gain your self confidence and fast tackle your focus.




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