Marketing in the digital age

Marketing in this era was mostly a mass approach. However, with the improvement of digital technology, society has rapidly grown in the direction of personalization.

With digital technologies such as the Internet, customers can now receive only the information they are interested in and enjoy their own customized media. In response to this trend, marketing methods are also required to change.

In other words, marketing measures aimed at each individual customer and individual, rather than marketing to the masses, have become more important. With such changes, the importance of content marketing and community marketing is also increasing.

Marketing type

The channels that run marketing campaigns depend entirely on which channels your customers use most often. It is the role of marketers to conduct market research to determine the best type of marketing for brand building and the best combination of tools for each type.

There are several main types of modern and effective marketing:

  • Online marketing

It is a method of spreading your products, services, and brands to potential customers by utilizing web-based sales channels. We use many means and technologies such as email, search engine, and website.

Depending on the approach, even small and medium-sized enterprises with limited budgets can compete with large-scale businesses. There are also tools and programs that can improve profit margins while keeping labor costs down.

Marketing using media such as printed matter, television, and radio has the disadvantage that the reach is too wide. However, online marketing makes it easy to measure strategies and effectiveness focused on specific channels.

In addition, online marketing can be used to deliver advertisements suitable for each media, so it is possible to respond to the diversification of information gathering methods.

  • Offline marketing

It is a marketing method that has been used even before online became widespread. Some people have the image that it is still old-fashioned, but there are many methods that are still valid today.

In particular, in the sale of high-priced products, we have the advantage of “seminars” that can provide a lot of information face-to-face. You can provide a lot of information to the general public online, but the level of understanding of the information and products you are looking for varies from user to user. However, in seminars where face-to-face support is possible, it is possible to provide detailed information according to the user.

“Telephone sales,” in which an unspecified number of people are called to make a business, is also an orthodox method that is still used today. Telephone sales are mainly used as a stepping stone for “users who cannot convey information by email but are not in the face-to-face stage.”

  • Mass media

Even before the advent of online marketing, marketing using mass media has been at the center of marketing. This is a method of transmitting information to an unspecified number of viewers, such as commercials on TV and radio.

Recently, two-way communication via terrestrial digital broadcasting has become possible, and marketing methods in the mass media are also expanding.

  • Blog marketing

It is a method that aims to increase awareness and acquire potential customers by utilizing blogs. Ultimately, the goal is to have users who visit the blog purchase the product. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the needs of potential customers of the company’s products and provide blog content that corresponds to them.

You can read more about prospect analysis in blog marketing in this article. Please have a look.


Tips on how to analyze prospects earned on your blog

Social media (SNS) marketing

It’s a way to take the time to build a user’s image of your company using social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. There are two patterns, one is to use advertisements on each platform, and the other is to foster fans and deepen communication through account management. When using advertisements, it tends to be easy to acquire prospects in a short period of time. When operating an account, the main focus is to build long-term relationships with fans, deepen engagement with the brand, and improve sales and LTV.

[For marketers] SNS (social media) terminology

Search engine marketing (web advertising)

It is a method to appeal to users by placing paid advertisements on the search result page of the search engine.

It’s called “pay-per-click advertising (PPC)” because you’re charged each time a user clicks on an ad.

While it works faster than SEO, it costs a fair amount to continue to deliver results. From a long-term perspective, it’s a good idea to proceed in parallel with SEO, which is a method that does not require running costs.


Video marketing

This is a marketing method that utilizes videos. You might think that video production costs money, but it doesn’t necessarily cost a lot. If you use YouTube etc., you can keep the operating cost low.

There are four main benefits of video marketing:

  1. With highly appealing videos, you can show the video of the actual product being used, so you can provide detailed information that cannot be conveyed by text or images.
  2. The delivery destination is colorful or using one of the videos in a variety of destination, it will also realize flexible marketing, such as to or change the video to match the delivery destination.
  3. Videos that are easily spread and that viewers find interesting are spread, producing more advertising effectiveness than expected.
  4. Websites with videos that increase conversion rates tend to spend more time with customers than sites that don’t use videos. Therefore, it has the potential to increase the conversion rate.

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