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In 1986, A company called Halo Purely for Pets began making food for pets. The company was established when Spot, andi Brown’s cat had excessive shedding, digestive issues, and skin irritations. She finds out Spot’s has all these symptoms because her food lacks some nutrients. So, Brown formulated a diet made from natural ingredients and Spot was cured.

Thus, Vegan dog food are properly formulated from peas that has about 25% protein, chickpeas know as garbanzo beans that is fiber-rich legume, barley which supply fiber and other healthy nutrients, oat groats that is processed from oats and finally, pea protein that is the remains of pea after the starchy part of the vegetable has been removed.

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Things you should consider when buying best vegan dog food for your pitbulls

Although, there is a unique set of nutritional requirements for every dog breed. The nutritional requirements are dependent on the dog’s size and its energy level. Thus, the dog food must have the correct balance of vitamins, protein, fatty acids, carbohydrates and minerals that must match the actual nutritional requirement of Pitbull. Listed below are essential things to look for when choosing the right Pitbull food.

  • Quantity

Your Pitbull must have an intake of calorie between 922 to 1740 calories each day. However, the amount of calories depends on how active you Pitbull is, the dog’s age and whether the dog is pregnant or not. Thus, very active dogs need more calories and puppies should be fed more than adult dogs.


  • Carbohydrate Requirement

Dogs need less carbohydrate than humans. A good dog diet must have mainly protein, fat and a bit of carbohydrate. Make sure that the brand of dog food you are getting for your dog has a very low amount of carbohydrates because excess carbohydrates are not good for your dogs.

  • Protein Requirements

In Pitbulls diets there must be a lot of protein because these will keep them active. Feed an average Pitbull a diet that has 30% protein and you can feed an active Pitbulls, or sport dogs with a diet with more than 50% protein.

  • Fat Requirement

Pitbulls need a diet that has enough fat because it gives dogs backup energy. Also, fat is essential to maintain dogs’ healthy coats. You should ensure that the diet you are buying for a growing Pitbulls has 25% of fat and you can eat one with less percentage of fat for adult dogs.

  • Mineral and Vitamin Requirements

Make sure that the dry vetan dog food you are buying has vitamins and minerals because they keep your dog’s teeth stronger and bones healthy.

  • Harmfulfood for Pitbulls

Avoid dog food with processed carbohydrates such as maize and bread because they are not good food for your dog. A high quality dog diet should contain a high amount of proteins and fats. While, low quality diet has a high value of processed carbohydrates. Thus, do not buy dog food with high content of processed carbohydrates.

  • Health Problem

Diet with corn, soy and wheat (filler ingredients) can often give your dog health issues in the long run. They deprive the dog the required calcium needed to prevent hip and elbow dysplasia that dogs are prone to.

  • Allergies

Some dogs are born with food allergies like some people while other develop allergies with time. Major causes of allergies are insufficient ingredient in dog food, or intolerance specific to some dogs. Have a close examination of your dogs for symptoms like breathing issues or digestion problems. Then, if you discover any of these symptoms in your dog. Let a Vet check your dog to recommend an alternative food brand that does not have the content that causes such an allergic reaction. For instance, skin allergies are common in Pitbulls.


  • Personal Taste

Personal taste in this content means food your dog likes. Observe the brand of food that drives your dog crazy. It is essential that your dog enjoys her food. Make the right choice of many brands of food so as to make your dog consume the right food with the required nutrition.

  • Your Budget

You should consider your budget when choosing the right brand of food. A cheap food may not be cheap in the long run because your dog will consume more of the food to get the required amount of nutrients and may cause expensive health problems. Thus, buy the brand that has the required nutrition needed by your dog and that is within your budget.


Natural Balance Vegetarian dry dog food details

  • The food must not contain any animal product and diary
  • It must be free from artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives
  • It have to contain the same essential nutrient that dietwith meat have
  • A good vegan dog food should be dry and have balanced nutrients suitable for various breeds of dogs
  • It should have proteins from peas and little complex carbohydrates
  • Contains energy from rice, oatmeal, and potatoes that can be digested easily.

What does a vegan diet mean?

Vegan diets are dog foods that do not have any of its ingredients sourced from animals. Thus, Vegan diet is different from vegetarian diet because they have dairy and egg as their ingredients. However, vegan diets have Vitamin A, Taurine, and Arachidonic that are obtained from non- animal sources.

Can dogs eat vegan diets?

Yes, Dogs can eat a vegan diet. Thus, For dogs to eat a vegan diet. It must be designed specially and approved by a vet.



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