Best Sunglasses Ever Made With The Most Ultimate Craftsmanship

There are a few pairs of sunglasses or a vast collection of them in most men’s wardrobes. A lot of sunglasses are sold today at a different price range. Sunglasses allow a man to express what he loves in his style. You should choose a sunglass that matches your outfit. For instance, gold frames fit more on brown suits and the olive family. While the silver frames are perfect with the blue and grey family. Thus, this is the reason why you can’t wear gold and silver with any color of the suit.

The word Epiluxury is derived from the question “What is Luxury?.” DITA Group CEO Micky Dhillon posed this question in 2015. It has been 20 years since DITA has been a luxury marketplace and had not yet be recognized. Dhillon’s said,” It had taken us on a four-year vision quest of engineering, design, and development to produce the product that answered the self-imposed challenge,.”

A lack of simple solution led to the ambition to establish a new segment in the market. The goal is entailed in its name: ‘EPI’ from a Greek word meaning “above” and “luxury.” EPILUXURY means “above luxury.”

The eyewear brand (operates in more than 20 countries across the globe) is aiming to produce what they call ‘a new group of luxury,’ starting with eyewear down to watches, skincare, fragrances, hotels and lot more. In July 2019, EPILUXURY launched its new products and limited version of eyewear styles with price ranging from $1,800 to $4,500. DITA mission is to improve this new concept.


Recently, I had the privilege to speak with Micky Dhillon, CEO DITA Global and Dustin Edward Arnold, Creative Group Director DITA Global on the brands’ new concept, why they believe strongly in their product models and why consumers should be aware of DITA-Epiluxury?

JD: What is the competitive advantage of your brand in the market?

MD: You will find countless eyewear brands, but we offer something unique and new category. We present only one ‘ÉPILUXURY’ eyewear brand. This brand provides the advantage by providing a gap between our competitors from hundreds to none and us. We spend 39 months from concept design to prototypes. We don’t just want to compete because to use the term ‘luxury’ barely has meaning.

Dea: All EPILUXURY products must have five significant tenets; the symbols are ever-present in our logo and serve as a reminder:

  • First Tenet: Functional Performance

DITA-EPILUXURY’S designed six frames as a modular system. Which switches between performance-oriented cable temple and a straight temple. The brand has frames and mineral glass lenses that are encased in titanium which is interchangeable with a simple locking mechanism.

  • Second Tenet: Engineering Technology

It took 39 months to manufacture this brand from conception to completion. Our highly specializes producer accomplish the DITA-EPILUXURY’S interchangeable temple design. That is built from 21 pieces that have a functioning spring hinge. Which is the culmination of the design process and development that push craftsman, designer, and engineer forward.

  • Third Tenet: Artisan Craftsmanship

DITA-EPILUXURY crafted temples from exquisite woods and rare horn from Germany. DITA relied mostly on Japanese manufacturer for honed: DITA is solely equipped to make DITA-EPILUXURY a reality.

  • Fourth Tenet: Timeless Design

The brand doesn’t have in mind tomorrows. Son as the time passes DITA-EPILUXURY changes form and function of its annual collection. In time, the present EPILUXURY will serve as the foundation of tomorrow DITA.

  • Fifth Tenet: Personal Exclusivity

DITA consider its DITA-EPILUXURY customers as it designs its frames, supplying them rare version of temples, bridge component and lenses framed with precious materials affordable to clientele and exclusive accounts.

JD: How would you market Millennials and Gen z with advertising dollars?

MD: We won’t. We’ve found that the consumers are hungry for this new product at the price point. We don’t have to convince a Millennial to buy the $4800 sunglasses because they are engaged with the product level.

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