Online Earning Ways

The way to make money is to make or receive money by “other than cashing”. This article will show you how to make money with just your smartphone or computer, which will be the focus of attention in 2020!

  • How to make money online (smartphone, computer)?

First, I will introduce how to make money quickly and easily with your smartphone or computer!

  • Make money with point site games:

A point site (as the name implies) is a site that “collects points” by playing games, participating in stamp rallies, bingo, shopping, etc. In fact, many point apps have been release on Google Play and the App Store!

The collected points can be exchange for cash as well as electronic money and carefully selected products and services. If you want to know more about the mechanism of the point site, please see this article first.

  • Tips for making money on point sites:

Each company mainly participates in simple games (gacha-gacha, bingo, stamp rally, etc.) and uses shopping, but recently , points such as “you can get points” just by watching videos and commercials (on the point site). The chances of winning are increasing.

  • Domestic popular point site
  • EC Navi
  • Gentama
  • Point Town
  • Point income
  • Point income
  • Slightly rich
  • com
  • GetMoney!
  • Hapitas

The reward for each case is from 0.96 USD to a maximum of 9.59 USD, but if you  manage the number, you can “earn 95.91 USD or more in a day”. In fact, there are housewives who earn hundreds of thousands to millions of yen or more a month just from the income of the point site.

  • Make money with a questionnaire monitor

Questionnaire monitor is a simple task of “answering some questions” about a specific new product or service, (the number of questions is about 5 to 10). A research company requested by a major company or local government, so you can participate with confidence in terms of personal information also carries out the operation.

  • Sites looking for survey monitors
  • Macromill
  • Life media
  • Cyber ​​panel
  • Fruit mail
  • Queue monitor
  • Research panel
  • NTT Com Research

Questionnaire monitor work is also recommended as a side job for housewives and working people, as they can “feel free to participate” in their spare time.


  • Tips for making money with a survey monitor:

The remuneration you care about is 0.96 USD per project, the high-priced project may exceed “28.77 USD”, and the remuneration is 287.72 to 479.54 USD per month (maximum). In addition, there are homemakers (homemakers) who work as questionnaire monitors and earn “monthly income of 2877.23 USD or more”.


  • How Much Money Can You Make witha Survey Monitor?

The rewards earned can be transfer as cash, and can be exchange for home appliances, groceries, miscellaneous goods, electronic money, Amazon gift certificates, T points, Rakuten points, iTunes gift certificates, etc.


  • Make money with cosmetics and new product monitors:

If you love cosmetics and beauty items, register for “Cosmetology Monitor”. If you introduce a new product on your blog or YouTube, you will receive a product offer from the company, and you will receive a certain amount of reward depending on the response.


  • A site where you can become a cosmetics monitor
  • @COSME
  • Beauty monitor site “Bitori” for beauty treatment salons and cosmetics
  • Byte information ・Part-time job EX “Cosmetology monitor”
  • Beauty-related monitor information site “Fleur”
  • Monipla “Cosmetology / Cosmetics” event
  • Tips for making money with a cosmetics monitor

To become a cosmetics monitor, you need your own “sending power.” Unless you constantly send out “original information” on Facebook, Instagram, blogs, Twitter, etc., it will be difficult to play an active role as a monitor or connect to high rewards.


  • Hobbies that make money:

You may not have thought much about it, but if you think about your hobbies seriously, it can actually lead to additional income.

  • Writing:

Writing and publishing has the power to bring real value beyond mere hobbies. You can use it to help you advance your career, or you can become an expert on a topic. You can create a platform for sharing ideas, or you can commercialize technology.

The most obvious example of how writing turns into income is to become a freelance writer in freelance marketplaces like up work, Fiverr, and Lancers. There is always a demand for writers who can write good content in niche areas and themes.

However, if you know how to write good articles on your blog, you can choose a niche area and start your own business based on a blog that repeaters will visit repeatedly.


  • Illustration and design:

Like writing, illustration and design can also act as freelancers. Fiverr, in particular, offers a wide variety of styles, whether for marketing or custom portraits, and is constantly introducing new artists.

Another option is to print your own art on T-shirts, posters, canvases, etc. and sell it. Understand that when you want to commercialize art, you need to target a specific market and create a unique brand. The former is usually easier.

Started by an artist, Hate Copy is a great example of a business that prints and sells art on a variety of objects.

On-demand printing services such as Painful can turn art into income with low risk through apparel and home deco, as you probably don’t need to have a lot of inventory.

All you have to do is create a mockup of your product. You should consider holding inventory after sales have increased and demand has increased.


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