Makeup products to have in your kit

No matter if you’re a novice in makeup or have been trying out makeup for years it’s important to keep a stash of basic makeup items that allow you to have a reliable everyday style.. Once you’ve acquired the basic makeup tools and tools, it’s easier to add fun or stylish makeup products into your collection and include them in your beauty appearances.

Keep scrolling to read the list I have compiled of cosmetics essentials for your eyes, face and lips and the most important tools to apply and storage of your makeup.

1. Face Primer

Although some don’t believe that the primer for your face is required however, I see it as a crucial part of my routine.

The exact effects of face primers on your face and makeup will vary however, their primary function serves to ensure that your face stays silky smooth as well as your make-up looking clean throughout the day.

No matter what which type of skin, there’s a primer that will suit anyone looking for a formula that will control acne or oil and moisturize, smooth out imperfections in texture, color correct or correct color, etc.

My top primer for face can be the primer from Fenty Beauty It’s expensive , but a small amount is a lot and the bottle should last forever.

2. Foundation

foundation is likely to be the most difficult aspect that you have to master because you don’t just need to think about the type of coverage you’re looking for (i.e. natural, sheer, medium, or full) and also your skin kind along with your subtones.

If you’re new to using foundation, or aren’t sure which shade is suitable for your skin, I’d recommend visiting your local SephoraMac or department store, and having an expert guide you to choose a product that complements your complexion and is suitable for your requirements in terms of coverage. It’s an excellent idea to request a sample of the product if you’re looking to test the way a product affects your skin prior to purchasing.

Even if you’d prefer buying foundation from an online drugstore, I would recommend that you go to the top-end stores first. The match will help you get an understanding of the shades you should search for.

Additionally, there are plenty options of websites with foundation-finding software that you can utilize like the Temptalia Matrix for Foundations, Temptalia’s Matrix and Sephora’s ColorIQ tool and Discoveration.

My favorite foundation of all time can be Estee Lauder Double Wear It provides amazing coverage and stays put for a lifetime.

Are you looking for additional foundation recommendations? See our guide to the most effective foundations and our recommendations for cream, liquid and powder foundations.

3. CC Cream

Personally I would prefer using CC cream as opposed to foundation because I believe it will be more natural looking. It’s a great choice when you’re in search of something with benefits for skin like moisturizing or primer (some CC creams have primer included).

If you’re just beginning to explore the world of makeup, a good BB or cream for CC is a better starting point rather than foundation as it is lighter on the skinand is difficult to mess up, and can be applied using your fingertips.

There’s one big drawback to CC and BB creams, and that is that they are usually available in only a limited range of shades and aren’t geared towards more dark skin tones. But I was able discover an article which lists of BB creams that are suitable for people with darker complexions. The most loved cream for CC is also my personal favorite one -the IT Cosmetics’ Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream. It has an SPF of 50+ and is packed with a variety of skincare ingredients that will enhance your skin.

4. Concealer

If you suffer from dark circles, acne or any other type of skin discoloration concealer is an essential item to have.

Concealers are available in full-coverage as well as sheerer-coverage versions and the one you choose will depend on the amount you’re looking to conceal.

If you are choosing a concealer to cover discoloration or acne Choose the shade that is closest to the color of your foundation/BB cream to give you the most natural appearance.

Dark circles are more complex because there’s a lot of variation in their hues and how they appear in different skin tones, however, in general it’s best to apply a peach or pink shaded concealer in order to hide them.

Two of my favorite concealers for blemishes, or discoloration, I like Estee Lauder’s Double Wear. For dark under-eye circles I cannot do with out Bobbi Brown’s corrector that comes in Bisque.

Need help choosing concealer? Read our selection of the top concealers that are affordable as well as this guide on the top concealers available at Sephora.

5. Blush

Applying the blush could have a dramatic impact on the appearance of your face and I myself do not leave it out of my routine of makeup. Blush is especially important when the foundation you’re using that has more opaque coverage. This can make your skin appear slightly dull.

Blush is available in powder cream and gel formulations, with the powder being the most well-known. However, recently cream blush and gel blushes have become extremely popular, too.

When picking a blush color make sure you choose one that will give you an natural , natural look. Whatever your skin tone make sure not to make your blush too bright or use too strong an application since these could make you appear unnatural.

In general, peach and pink shades work best on fair-to-medium-to-medium-toned skin and purple, mauve and maroon tones work best with dark skin shades.

One thing I would recommend doing regardless of the shape of your face, is to apply blush all around the apple of your cheeks and upwards toward your hairline. This not only gives your face a fresh wash of color, it will also help highlight your cheekbones, and emphasize the natural features of your face. It’s also more natural than applying blush on the cheeks’ apples as long as you blend it well.

It’s impossible to make a mistake with blush. I am a fan of all brands, to be sincere! My favorite product is Clinique’s brightening shade however, I’m enjoying their Rare Cosmetics cream blushes that are on sale at the moment. Everybody on TikTok is obsessed with their color.

Make your skin glow rosy by examining our selection of most beautiful blushes ever.

6. Highlighter

Highlighter is a good word, and I just couldn’t take highlighter on this list. As with other products for beauty highlighters come in different forms, including powder liquid, cream, stick, and a hybrid of cream and powder. Each one of these have their own advantages however for those who are new to the field, I would recommend stick or powder, since they are the most simple to use.

My most reliable method of application of highlighter, is to apply it to the nose’s bridge, on the tops of your cheekbones your cupid’s bow and then just below your eyebrows.

You could even multi-task by using your highlighter to create eyeshadow. In the same way as choosing the right color of your foundation choosing the correct shade of highlighter will depend on your individual complexion and tone It’s recommended to try the various shades on your own if it’s possible.

My favorite highlighter to use is the Anastasia Palette because it comes with four different options to make any makeup look you want.

This guide on the top highlighters at the drugstore offers many more options that are extremely cost-effective.

7. Bronzer

Being light, I rarely apply bronzer but when you want to create a sun-kissed-looking look selecting the appropriate color of bronzer can be vital.

I suggest using not more than one or two shades darker than the normal skin color and then either applying it to the highest points of your face to create an even look, or on the cheek hollows (below the area where you’d apply your blush) to give an even more polished look.

In terms of matte and. shimmery, it is dependent on the rest of your look. If the other products you’re using for your skin are matt, and you’re looking to add a bit of shine, opt for products that have a hint of shimmer. However, if you’re using shimmery makeup use matte formulations to avoid a shine overload.

While I don’t wear bronzer frequently, Too Faced’s Sun Bunny Bronzer is a favorite for many of my acquaintances. One compact lasts for a long time and the color looks amazing organic on skin.

Are you a fan of that bronzed appearance? Check out our list of best bronzers for glowing sun-kissed look.

8. Eyeshadow

Together with the highlighter the eyeshadow is my top makeup item simply because it comes in numerous colors and finishes and can be applied in a variety of ways.

Personally I like to purchase individual eyeshadows instead of palettes because I don’t need to worry about spending money on colors I will never make use of. If I didn’t already have the same single shade, I’d think about purchasing some of urban dew Naked Collection, all of which are perfect for those who are just starting out.

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