How To Write A Comedy, And Drama Essay

As an art student, you will be given assignments to write a comedy or a drama essay. An assignment on either comedy or drama essay might seem easy, but when you are about to start writing, you may find it very difficult to write. In this post, we have compared both comedy and drama essay writing. Improve your essay writing by reading through this post. Below are our suggested points on how to improve on drama and comedy writing.

1)     Use College Paper Writing Services To Select A Story

The first thing to do when writing a comedy or a drama essay is to decide what the story of the comedy or the drama. When selecting a story for a comedy, come up with a funny and interesting story. While for drama, come up with a real-life story that will interest your audience.

2)     Write An Outline

Organize what you want to write on for both comedy and drama essays. A well-planned outline will give you ideas and direction on the selected story. In drama writing, you should adhere to your storyline and write to suit your audience.

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3)     Write An Essay At College Paper Writing Services

After you might have determined the topic and the outline of the essay, the next thing is to start writing. For comedy essays, create funny characters and write witty dialogues between the characters. While in drama essay, write to connect your characters around the drama storyline. Put your audience in mind when writing either a drama or comedy essay.

4)     Write In Clear And Straightforward Language.

Express yourself in clear and simple language that a six-year-old child will understand. The importance of writing in clear language is to maintain effective communication with your reader. Your reader will find the drama or the comedy easy to read.

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5)     Stick To The Topic

While writing an essay, either drama or comedy essay, don’t diverge from the main theme. Maintain a good flowability in your writing. Be smart when relating characters to the story. Assign the right account to the right character.

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6)     Define The Characters

Display your act of creativity by assign the best fitting role to each character. This is the only way of meeting your audience’s expectations. Though the audience would have their own suggested character that will fit each role. Whether it is a drama or comedy essay writing, assign the right character will bring the main idea of your topic.


Drama essay and comedy essay writing are not easy to come up with because it requires a lot of brainstorming and research. When writing your next essay, use our suggested point on how to write a drama and comedy essay. Drama and comedy essay writing and stressful, reduce stress and gain more time for other college activities by hiring a professional writer online.

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