Essay on global warming

Global warming has been proven with a lot of scientific evidence. The consequences of this essay topic will intensify if we do not tackle its effect on climate change. We can create meaningful solutions to solve this threat. We can stop the global problem by reducing carbon emissions and stop deforestation. Students are also given assignments to increase their knowledge on this global threat. We have discussed vital facts that you should consider in your essay on global warming.

causes of global warming

There are several causes of global warming. There are some causes naturally, while the action of humans causes others. The primary cause of this global threat is greenhouse gases that evolved from human activities and natural processes. You can get essay help on this topic online. In this century, the greenhouse gas rate has increased due to an increase in energy usage, increasing population, and a high level of industrialization.

Another cause of this global issue is the ozone layer depletion that is decreasing in the ozone layer over Antarctica. The increase in day by day release of chlorofluorocarbon gas has caused a decrease in the ozone layer. Chlorofluorocarbon gas is used in aerosol propellants as industrial cleaning fluids and fridges.

Effects of Global warming

The effects of global warming are evident in this century because of the rapid increase in the sources of global warming. So many changes in climate are caused by global warming. The climate changes like change in air circulation patterns, rain without season, the occurrence of heavy storms, flood, decreasing winter season, jet stream, and many more effects.

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solutions to global warming

Many sensitization programs have been run on how to reduce global warming by NGOs, government agencies, private sectors, business leaders. Etc. However, some of the damages caused by this global issue can not be corrected by the solution. You can check more solutions on global warming from a free essay on this topic. Moreover, we have to make people aware of the issue to reduce the cause of the damages by global warming through human activities.

If people are aware of global warming, there will be a drastic reduction in greenhouse gases, and there will be some positive changes to the climate. People should be aware that the use of fuel as energy, which causes an increase in the global warming rate, can be replaced with clean energy produced by wind, solar system, and geothermal. Also, reducing the level of oil and coal burning, the use of electrical devices and many more may significantly reduce the level of global warming.


We should know that human activities are the primary cause of global warming. We can reduce global warming by reducing our events that affect the ozone layer. Let us watch our actions to have a pleasant climate.

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