Face Split Diving Accident Twitter and Reddit

The tragic accident video which never gets old and keeps making the internet appalled with the pain is once again showing its fire on social media platforms. The clip goes with the name Face Split Diving Accident already seen by thousands of people around the globe. People who watched the clip can be seen awarding the people about the side effects on social media platforms. We will share more details about the same further in this blog so keep reading to not miss anything. 

Face Split Diving Accident

Face Split Diving accident video clip first came on the internet in 2009 as confirmed by some sources. In the video there is 16 years old guy from Beirut, Lebanon slipped off before diving into the sea. But due to the same, his face hit a concrete part. Later on, the sea started mixing with the red blood which is obvious that he endured serious injuries to his head. Someone at the scene recorded the video and the entire scene was recorded. And the same keeps hitting the internet from time to time. Following he hit the concrete and the sea color changed into red, and people nearby started screaming badly. The accident video was first revealed on Reddit where it circulated to other social platforms as well. 


Split Diving Accident News

You can find the disturbing video of the Split Diving Accident Video on different social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit. The same already crossed thousands of views on social media. But before watching the same you should be mentally prepared for the same. There would be some side effects on the soft-hearted person following watching the video clip. The current status of the 16 years old Beirut boy remains unknown at the moment.

Some rumors claim that he was saved later but sustained serious injuries. “A young man gets brought into the ER after a diving attempt goes horribly wrong and gets his face Split open on a walkway below. Poor kid, it’s amazing that he’s still alive! WARNING: Disturbing & Graphic.” said one on Facebook sharing the horrific video. Not much about the boy’s life is known in the public domain after the incident. We even can’t confirm the current status of the boy due to a lack of reliable leads. We will keep you updated with further updates on this. 

Some of the sources revealed that when he got admitted into the hospital his head was split vertically from the center. The horrific accident broke many hearts on the internet. People from all over the world shared their sympathies and well wishes for the poor boy who lost. 

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