Digital Concierge for Casinos

When implementing a digital concierge for casinos, the success of the solution depends on the number of features it offers, the speed of implementation and the price point. Some product companies offer flexible pricing models while others offer tier-based pricing. A successful solution should provide actionable data for all departments. It should be scalable and provide easy reporting to help managers make informed decisions.


The Ivy virtual concierge service is available 24 hours a day at Caesars Entertainment properties. In addition to Caesars Palace, the virtual concierge can also be found at The LINQ Hotel & Casino. Currently, the Ivy virtual concierge service is available in more than 6,000 rooms at these properties.

Ivy is a digital assistant that can answer questions, book reservations, and help guests find things in the Las Vegas Strip. It can even do things like find the nearest restaurant and make a spa appointment. The company says the technology can handle up to 27 languages. The virtual concierge can also help hotels reduce costs by offering personalized service to customers.

The digital concierge can also collect data about the preferences of the guests. It can also integrate with existing tech stacks, such as CRMs and payment gateways. Failure to do this can cause additional costs and lost time. When choosing a digital concierge, make sure to consider the features offered, implementation speed, and price range. Some vendors even offer tier-based pricing options.


Briguest Virtual Concierge is a powerful customer relationship management system that allows casinos and hotels to create a personalized experience for every guest. The system can be used on the web, in apps, and through Facebook and other popular channels to build a targeted sales system that caters to the needs of individual customers. By using this system, a casino or hotel can offer additional services and attract more revenue.

This digital concierge is capable of automating up to 60% of the guest interaction, saving your staff time to handle more complex queries. It is also able to integrate with hotel back-end systems, allowing your staff to upsell rooms and promotions to your guests. This helps increase profits and foster long-term relationships.

In addition to the high level of automation, digital concierges also have the capability of gathering data about a guest’s preferences. To make use of this information, you must choose a digital concierge that integrates well with your existing tech stack. You should also look for integrations with CRMs and payment gateways. Failing to consider these requirements can result in wasted time and increased costs. Choosing the right solution will depend on the features you want, the speed of implementation, and the price. Some solutions offer tier-based pricing that allows you to choose according to your budget.

Olea Kiosks

Self-service kiosks are a growing trend in the hospitality and gaming industry. They are a convenient and fast way to offer guests assistance with things like reservations, processing payments and more. This convenience also helps increase revenue by lowering labor costs. In the next few years, the technology will be rolled out to casinos at a large scale.

Olea Kiosks provide immersive user experiences and the latest touchscreen and multi-touch technologies. The company is capable of customizing a virtual concierge kiosk solution for any type of business. For example, casinos can design a kiosk to complement existing customer-service staff.

In addition to providing information on amenities and promotions, these kiosks can also help customers make reservations for various events and entertainment. They can also sell tickets if desired. These kiosks can also help customers find special discounts by promoting loyalty programs.

Harrah’s Entertainment

The Harrah’s Entertainment virtual concierge for casino guests was designed with guest experience in mind. The company’s Surface unit features applications that make the guest’s experience more personalized. Users can view photos, play games, and get detailed information about all Harrah’s properties in Vegas. Another great feature of the Surface is Virtual Vegas, which lets guests walk down the Las Vegas strip and get a quick tour of all the properties.

The Surface gaming application is a fun and hip way to interact with your casino guests. It lets guests view popular online videos and play games. Guests can also interact and share photos with one another. The interface allows guests to try new games, as well as enjoy the classics. They can play multiplayer pickup pinball and Last Call, a musical memory game. Guests can also see who has the best score.

Harrah’s Entertainment was founded in 1990 and has grown to be one of the largest gaming companies in the world. As of 2013, Harrah’s operated more than 50 casinos and seven golf courses. The company also owns Caesars Entertainment.

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