Affiliate sites and blogs are one of the most popular side businesses because you can earn continuous profits if your profits are stable.

While attractive, it also has the disadvantage that it is difficult to earn money unless you act with a solid strategy.

In fact, many people are frustrated before they can make money, and it is also known as a side job that requires patience.

Therefore, this time, for those who are starting affiliates or those who are just starting out, we will introduce in detail how to start affiliates, recommended genres and blog services, and tips for earning money.

Let’s know how affiliate blogs work

First of all, I will introduce the affiliate mechanism.

Here, we will introduce the mechanism for earning advertising revenue from affiliate blogs, the types of advertisements, and the characteristics of product advertisements that are easy to earn.


Affiliate is a mechanism to earn advertising revenue by posting advertisements on blogs, emails, SNS, etc.

Some affiliates earn advertising income of 1 million yen or more per month, which makes the income very attractive.

Another attraction of affiliates is that they do not require special qualifications.

There are various names for websites launched to make a profit from affiliates, such as affiliate sites and affiliate blogs, but there is no difference and the mechanism is the same.


There are two types of affiliate advertising rewards: pay-per- click and performance-based rewards.


Recommended for beginners is the pay-per-click type such as Google Adsense.

With the pay-per-click type, you can earn income when the ad is clicked, so you can earn more quickly than with the pay-per-click type.

However, the pay-per-click type has a lower reward per click, so if you get used to affiliates, try the performance-based reward type, which has a higher unit price.


In performance-based advertising, the reward is paid when the user actually purchases the product.

Conversely, if the product is not purchased, no reward will be paid, so it is necessary to have the technology to create a convincing article that readers can purchase.


Affiliate ads include banner ads and text ads.


Banner ads are ads that are displayed in the form of images, videos, and so on.

Banner ads are more noticeable than text ads, so they are also easy to catch your eye.

In addition, since the advertisement itself has a strong ability to attract readers, you can expect a high click rate.

However, be aware that explicit affiliate sites that only stand out as banners will be shunned from the site.

To use banner ads effectively, design the site itself so that the ads blend in naturally, and prepare articles with rich content that readers will want to read.


On the other hand, text ads, as the name implies, are ads that are displayed in text.

Mainly, we put a link to the product / product page in words such as company name, product name, shop name, brand name, etc., and guide the reader to the product / product page.

In fact, text ads have the highest conversion rate (the rate at which results are generated).

Text ads give a more sober impression than banner ads, but since you can casually put links to products in the text, you can expect high appeal if you know where to use them.

  • What is the appeal of affiliate sites and blogs?

Here are six of its attractions.

[6 Affiliate Charms]

  • You can start in the gap time
  • Does not require special skills
  • May target unearned income
  • Feel free to get started with a small initial cost
  • High profit margin
  • If you sell a lot, the reward unit price will increase.

The first attraction of blogging is that you can start in the gap time.

Since all you need to start a blog is a computer, the biggest attraction is that you can work on it anytime and anywhere.

Even office workers who are busy with their main business can work on it using commuting time or a short time after returning home.

In addition, you can interrupt the creation of articles in the middle, and you can proceed at your own pace, so it is a side job that is easy to balance with your private and main business.


The second attraction of blogging is that it does not require any special skills.

A blog is positioned as a diary on the Internet in the first place, and has the aspect that you can write articles as you like.

As long as you are an affiliate, you need to avoid inappropriate expressions, but you can freely decide the genre and style.

In order to earn profits, SEO measures and product introduction technology are required, but writing sentences is not a pain, and as long as you write sentences from the reader’s point of view, you do not need special skills. I can say.


The third attraction of blogging is the possibility of targeting unearned income.

There are several ways to monetize your blog, but all are centered on advertising revenue.

Since there is no upper limit on advertising revenue, it is not uncommon to be able to earn more than your main business like a famous blogger.

Although it has the disadvantage that it takes time to earn money, once the number of accesses to the blog is gathered and the profit is stable, it may be possible to generate profit even if it is left alone, and it can be said that there is a possibility of aiming for unearned income. ..


One of the great attractions is that the initial cost to start an affiliate site / blog is small.

Basically, all you need is one computer, and you can create a blog for free. If anything, it costs a little electricity and communication costs for operation.

Generally, if you want to open something or start a business, for example, a restaurant, the initial cost is several million yen or more.

In addition, if you start a business in a professional profession such as an administrative scrivener or a tax accountant, you will need to invest the money and time required to study for qualification.

On the other hand, if you are an affiliate, even if you buy a book or use a paid blog service, the cost will be about tens of thousands of yen.


Affiliate sites and blogs are also characterized by high profit margins, despite the low initial cost.

In the case of affiliate sites and blogs, there is no particular cost for purchasing, and there is no operating cost.

Speaking of which, it costs me labor costs for the work time.

Therefore, the profits earned by affiliates are almost profitable.

This is why the rate of return is so high.

It is said that some affiliates earn more than 10 million yen a month by themselves.


Affiliates are often paid in units of how much each achievement is achieved by the advertiser.

For advertisers, successful affiliates and their blog sites are essential to the profits of their company, so the more affiliates sell and the more they sell, the more advertising revenue they earn. , Generally, the unit price of compensation is also high.

The more successful you are, the higher your reward unit price will be and the more you will receive preferential treatment.

This higher-than-usual reward unit price obtained when one product is sold in large numbers is called a “special unit (special unit price)”.

Special units often receive a much higher reward than usual, and it is not uncommon for the income to increase at once when the special unit is obtained.

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