How to Ski – Learning the Basics

How to Ski – Learning the Basics

For most people, how to ski for free doesn’t cross their mind until they see how many mountains they have to go to this season. Free ski days are advertised all over the place, but not as readily available as cheap lift tickets. Ask your local ski shop or resort manager if they are offering any special deals for how to ski for free this season. Sometimes they will have a deal set up specifically for new skiers.


Free lift tickets are usually bundled with coupons for shops, restaurants and other attractions in the ski area. If you are lucky enough to be in a snowstorm when the event is scheduled to take place, all you have to do is show the coupon stub to the friendly snow plow man and you can use the special slide on your way down the slope. Once you have made it down to the base of the hill, the plow man will unload everything from your luggage to your skis to the chairlift and you can hop on. That’s right, you walk uphill all by yourself!


How to ski for beginners is not much different than it was twenty years ago when people would watch the professionals at the local high country resort and wonder how they never made it down the first chairlift. Today, you can actually learn how to ski at a resort like Aspen or Copper Mountain in Colorado. Both of these places have beginner slopes that are groomed by a live snow plow and offer spectacular scenery for skiers to admire. If you don’t know anyone who lives in those areas, you can always call the ski shop and they will gladly send out a mail message. Usually, the operators at these resorts have a great sense of humor and love to surprise their clients. They will even teach you how to ski if you have any questions about how to ski in Colorado.


Learning how to ski means learning to ski on an incline and you can do that at most of the better slopes in Colorado. Copper Mountain and Aspen both have long runs of big jumps to challenge you, but there are also plenty of parks and groomed trails for those who are starting out. Most beginners want to start on a beginner slope and the skis that come with these resorts are light weight, with the most popular being the Aspen Snowmobile.


As you learn how to ski, you may choose to turn your skis one way rather than the other. You will learn that the skis need to be weight centered in order to make turns. If you put the weight of your body on one side of the ski while leaning that way, you will have a flatter angle when you turn. To turn your skis the other way, put all of the weight centered over your heels and hips and then you will have a much better chance of making turns. These tips will help you as you learn how to ski.


Another important lesson is knowing how to change direction. This comes more naturally when you have a bit of experience, but newcomers might find it helpful to take a ski school lesson. It helps to know how to glide so you can make turns without falling. You want to practice changing directions from tight to wide turns and back again, just like a snowboarder would.


After the first lesson or two, you should consider getting a full season pass. This is actually illegal in Colorado at the moment, but the state is considering changing that soon. Once the new policy takes effect, anyone can get a full season pass and start lessons whenever they want during the next two seasons.


The slopes of Colorado are beautiful. They are groomed by professionals who know how to ski and snowboard the resorts. There is plenty of beginner, intermediate, and advanced skiing and riding on most of the mountains. You should visit a ski school before your first trip so you can be sure you have everything you need for a comfortable, safe experience. If you need easy access to the slopes, you need the right resort map.

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